Data Warehousing

Avonz adopts a hybrid approach that focuses on cost-effective, early delivery of business value by building the data warehouse iteratively. By first defining the target architecture and building towards it incrementally, stovepipe data marts are avoided. The enterprise data warehouse is achieved by adding data marts within this architectural framework. In this way, each data mart delivers both the tactical value and the strategic value of the data warehouse.

Principles and Disciplines

Architected Approach
The content and structure of the data warehouse will expand and evolve over time to meet increasing and changing business needs. The key to success lies in starting out with an architected environment that provides a foundation that can be built on to support future growth and expansion.

Avonz uses clearly defined architecture principles and reusable components to reduce future development costs and promote integration. Fully documented models of the business and data mart system architecture are built at the conceptual, logical and physical levels. Extract and transformation processes are designed to be modular and reusable. This provides for efficient data acquisition and maintains a detailed set of metadata.

Enterprise View
The hybrid approach requires that a longer-term, enterprise vision be kept in mind when designing and building data marts. An enterprise view gives context to the data marts and ensures that they are built with an understanding of how they will evolve into the longer-term vision.

The Avonz approach supports the enterprise view with a top-down planning process called business discovery. The goal is to understand the current environment of the client, to obtain the corporate perspective of organizational business needs.

Through interviews and workshops with the client, Avonz determines business drivers, goals, performance measures, the types of business analysis to be performed and the information required to support the business analysis. We then align the data warehouse goals with the business goals. This ensures that the data warehouse is targeted directly to clear business need, has a focused audience and a tightly defined scope.

Avonz has developed a strategic Quick-Start solution focused on early value creation with incremental, quarterly deliverables. The Quick-Start gets a client started in the Program Management Methodology, which supports an Architected Hybrid approach to data warehousing. We have developed this approach, used it for successful best practice data warehouse implementations numerous times over the years and keep it updated in order to continue to bring our clients the most efficient approach to business success utilizing information.

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