Business Intelligence (BI)

Hyperion is the leading provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and also excels in the area of Business Performance Management (BMI) by offering a complete package of tools to aid in the Operational, Financial and Strategic Planning of any company or business model. By combining many interconnected applications, Hyperion can help your organization in the collection, management, evaluation and distribution of data and information across your entire enterprise of associates in a rich format. By unifying the workspace into an easier management tool, BMI is much more efficient than in years past by providing applications that can be used in the areas of:

By aligning goals and objectives, using analytics and metrics to formulate planning, and enhancing the operational efficiency of your associate, Hyperion is a great method to keep your company stay on track and drive performance improvements by allowing its users to be more confident in the quality and accuracy of the numbers. It simply delivers an end package that cohesively joins functionality with flexibility into one comprehensive set of applications and features.

Business Intelligence (BI):
Business Intelligence, or "BI", is a term used in the industry to describe a means of collecting data on a corporation's business aspects in relation to its customers and competitors through a wide array of software applications and other coordinated processes. Identification of trends and patterns can be acquired by analyzing stored information within the organization's accumulation of various forms of information and statistics which will aid the management team in their decision making procedures and processes. Effective use of BI can lead to tremendous advantages in today's competitive market place by unifying collected data from multiple sources into a cohesive representation that can be easily interpreted and understood so that the decision making team can take decisive and appropriate action.

In order for Business Intelligence to perform at its optimum level, both internal and external information and data related to all areas of the business enterprise must be collected and streamlined to affect the most tactical and strategic approach to positive resolutions and outcomes. The collection and evaluation of data at each level of the business organization is reviewed as Business Intelligence evolves, which allows for a better informed management team to facilitate better fact-based assessments in the most timely and efficient manner.

How does Performance Management Software enhance the quality of our Business Intelligence Model (BI)?

Performance Management Software is increasing in popularity as the word of Business Intelligence begins to mature and become more prevalent in today's market place. Since all levels of the organization have data that is implemented into the BI system, each level sometimes having their own individual goals and objectives, Management can now link these multiple strategies and monitor specific goals and outcomes. This will enable the Management Team to better drive and improve Company-wide Performance.

Applications within the Performance Management Software systems will integrate with the very foundation of the Business Intelligence systems through links to its data storage warehouses and its analytics tools and applications. The result is a clearer insight that is provides proactive leadership in a timely manner based on both historical and real-time information at hand.

Which Hyperion product is currently being developed and supported?

Hyperion System 9 combines your business's financial management applications with your Business Intelligence system to create a highly effective solution to your organizations performance management difficulties by including:

What is Hyperion Essbase?
Hyperion Essbase provides the most advanced processing of metrics and analytics that can be reviewed and utilized by any number of departmental areas within your organization. Information can be viewed and interpreted for different functional and operational needs, depending on the user, in the same manner that varying hierarchies within your enterprise will select, analyze and navigate through these same levels of information to design positive solutions and predict possible outcomes for the task at hand. Our professionally trained and certified Hyperion Specialists can help your organization to evaluate information in a manner that best suits the specific end user. With speed and precision, the top executives can utilize this application to gather and collect information, while the middle managers and other staff on the front lines of the corporation can also have their needs met by utilizing the same Hyperion system and its collected data.

What is Hyperion Planning?
Hyperion Planning is a unified scheduling and planning tool that is web-based for easier access for all levels of associates. The entire range of financial and operational requirements for all levels of your organization can be driven by this software solution which incorporates elements of budgeting, collaboration, and integration to forecast future outcomes based on specific events and milestones. Hyperion Planning becomes a key component in your overall Hyperion Business Performance Management System as it tracks and monitors various levels of business plans and predictions, then interprets these statistics, providing assessment criteria against the overall organizational targets and goals.

Collaboration becomes easier with the use and implementation of Hyperion Planning software due to its ability to be accessed via the Internet with a standard web browser as well as through the corporation's Intranet. Users no longer have to be in the office to utilize the many applications available since the programs can be accessed from any laptop at home, or in the field. Your team can be more cohesive as they collaborate, share information, communicate detailed objectives, relay communications, calculate assumptions to improve the participation in the decision-making process. Ensure the integrity of your data by replacing those old spreadsheets with the cohesively managed and integrated planning software of Hyperion Planning. Let our professional trained and certified consultants implement this solution to reduce your cycle times instantly.

Hyperion Planning Features:

Minimize IT support by leveraging the power of the Oracle Hyperion Essbase XTD Platform. Its centralized database can be instantly accessed and is very user-friendly which leads to an optimum level of acceptance from all levels within your organization.

Data entry is made easier and more efficient with the scalable Web infrastructure. And with the ability to utilize this software and access information from any standard online connection, maintenance and distribution costs are instantly decreased as instant updates create a better collaborative effort in the planning process.

Hyperion planning is safe by successfully interacting with existing security software protocol such as NTLM, LDAP and MSAD.

Users can create and utilize powerful workflow processes with the included applications of email alerts and other flagging mechanisms which will assist the user to track and monitor their budgets and plans, identify "bottlenecks" in the systems, and adapt plans accordingly.

Hyperion Planning can be effectively used to create "what if" scenarios due to its extremely flexible modeling applications. With a graphical interface that is easily manipulated, communications and assumptions can be easily shared with the team. Complex calculations can be achieved rapidly. Test scenarios can be formulated with minimal effort.

Total Cost Ownership is instantly lowered by managing your financial data, planning processes and reporting functions with the Hyperion Reports applications. Use this feature to design and distribute highly detailed and expertly formatted reports company-wide.

Enhance your planning output and create a more collaborative Team Effort by getting rid of those old spreadsheets in replacing them with the Oracle Planning Software by Hyperion. Ensure the accuracy of your data while reducing the cycle times of your projects.

Hyperion Data Management
Hyperion Master Data Management (MDM) can be implemented to share existing information within your business hierarchy. The Master Data, sometimes otherwise referred to as Reporting Structures, Reference Data, or Key Performance Indicators, might include any variety or combination of company statistics, such as the Corporate Leadership Chain of Command, sales information, products and services, and location demographics. Attributes and other properties associated with this information can also be incorporated to include allocations, calculation drivers, ERP coding, legacy systems, and other types of business measures. The management and sharing of this Master Data has long been an issue for many corporations, but what is the best method to resolve the problem?

The MDM Server from Hyperion is a company-wide solution. Share quality and up-to-date information regarding analytical applications, transactions, information storage within all levels of your business hierarchy in an expedient and user-friendly method. This Hyperion MDM Server was designed to work in accordance with the Hyperion Hub and the integrated Hyperion Business Intelligence Platform. By focusing on the sharing of information between collaborative team members, the Hyperion MDM Server facilitates the most effective inter-active communications, applications and processes in a world of ever-changing BPM Information and statistics.

The MDM Server from Hyperion will also assist in the synchronization of multiple enterprises of a global scale. When mergers and acquisitions occur, the amalgamation of multiple sources for Master Data can become an overwhelming enterprise as the transitional period begins and develops. Older Information Systems must work in tandem with newer systems, and the sharing of information becomes a critical factor in the timetable of success for budgeting, planning, and coordinating synchronized team efforts. Compliance issues can arise quickly, such as in the case of Sarbanes-Oxley, and Hyperion's MDM Server can mitigate potential disastrous outcomes.

We only employ the highest level of certified Hyperion Consultant to ensure the reliability of our product implementation.

Why Choose Hyperion?





What is "Hyperion Financial Management"?
Hyperion Financial Management is often used for the Global consolidation, analysis, and sharing of financial information due to its easily scalable software and advanced technological platform which essentially allows the system to be designed and managed by your institution's financial management team.

Release Highlights for the Fusion Edition of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, V.11.1.2

Is "Hyperion Reporting" the same as "Financial Reporting"?

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing many of the need to create and distribute financial reports and other intricately formatted documentation that are also GAAP compliant, are cost effective to manage, and are operationally efficient to maintain. Financial Reporting by Hyperion confronts this challenge directly by providing book quality reports for all types of financial and managerial obligations. The user does not have to be tech-savvy in order to generate highly formatted financial reports that will allow for:

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