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Avonz utilizes powerful analytics processes to research better methods that will enhance a company's business strategy. Our team will then assist, support and mentor our clients towards an effective execution of this new plan.


Evaluate current business objectives, market fluctuations, and customer preferences by effective use of analytics.


Create a detailed and specific course of action that outlines all levels and all professional roles within the company.


Modify and implement current processes and perhaps create new protocols


Reporting, Compliance and Analytics:

Based in Dallas Texas, Avonz offers its variety of Technological Advancements to organizations in need of valuable solutions in the three interrelated areas of Reporting, Compliance and Analytics. From an operational point of view, these are the critical areas where opportunities of growth can be leveraged to compete with other retailers in the industry. Avonz creates discreet solutions to difficult problems through its effective use of proprietary technology that allows our clients to defeat their competitors.

Summary of Business Domain:

As your business grows and matures, new and various enterprises are often added into the products and services in which they are asked to provide by their client base. This can lead to increased systems complexity and disproportionately interfacing domain functions. The tendency for most organizations as of these types of issues arise, is to deal with each problem individually, rather than reviewing at the entire system as a complete unit. Corporations often begin by creating hard-coded databases or perhaps OLAP based rules. However, the initial problem is never resolved and the organization begins a cycle of temporary solutions. Requirements to incorporate reporting standards are becoming increasingly more relevant as more companies begin to globalize their marketing strategy. As these businesses begin to expand in their offers of services as well as in their client base to other countries, the needs to transparently bridge different markets increases as well as these different governments are now becoming more strident in their reporting protocol. IFRS, GAAP, Sarbanes Oxley and Basel II are more recent examples of companies who have had to face this challenge on a global scale.

Avonz has the solution. By merging, building and importing data regulations into our engines, we are easily and efficiently better able to create the needed reporting documentation and even transmit them electronically, if needed, to other governing agencies or third-party agencies.

Technical Vision:

In order to aid in such technological advancements, Avonz offers a creative solutions which includes the following components:

o The ability to read Metadata.

o External Database Transport Capabilities.

o A method to easily assimilate data and process validation requirements through a creative framework application that allows its users to create graphic user interface into databases created in either table or XML formats.

Medicare Claims Submission:

Ever-changing Medicare beneficiary information can quickly become an overwhelming task for any business. It can get even worse when data goes missing altogether. And in light of the recent changes to the reporting protocol by the Coordination of Benefits Contractor (COBC), the problem may only begin to get even worse. Are you prepared for the challenge?

Your Solution is Avonz!

A recently implemented government guideline called the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) program will now reassign funds from Medicare to other private organizations for payment and restitution.

The Function of the COBC:

The responsibility for supporting activities in the collect, administration and reporting of other types of insurance coverage for the beneficiaries of Medicare recipients falls to the COBC. A primary role is to ensure that proper payments are made by Medicare to the proper person prior to these payments being allocated. As its principal function, the COBC acts as an information resource. This organization does not process claims nor resolve disputes over mistaken payment issues. Their main objective is to manage the individual beneficiary information via the MSP records of the Common Working File (CWF), Medicare's official database for such information.

A recently implemented government guideline called the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) program will now reassign funds from Medicare to other private organizations for payment and restitution.

o Prior to 2009, *Medicare acted as the Primary Payer to Beneficiaries. If secondary insurance options were available, these would pay the remaining balance.

o After 2009, ** Medicare now acts as the Secondary Payer. Now the primary responsibility for payment is bestowed upon:

o An Insurance Plan offered by their current employer or that of their spouse.

o Other Liability Insurance, such as Automobile Insurance.

o Possible "no-fault" liability insurance packages

o Claims utilizing Workers Compensation protocol.

*Medicare is a nationally funded insurance program. In order to qualify, individuals must be 65 years of age or older, have a disability, or possess End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

** The decision for Medicare to become the secondary payer is subject to special circumstantial rulings.

Have these new changes to Medicare's Mandatory Processes caused you any of the below difficulties?

o Physically creating and managing query files.

o Merging Databases.

o Formatting and designing headers.

o Reviewing manually the corrected COBC files.

o Physically entering new or changing information into your claims systems.

o No Error Code checking and lack of validation.

The Answer is Avonz.

Avonz can solve all of your problems quickly and easily so that you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business.

Standard Components:

o An easily modifiable database with add-on features for new information requirements.

o Synchronizing capabilities with the COBC database for both query and response documentation.

o Generation of new query files automatically.

o Internal validation processes eliminates errors in response files.

o User-Friendly forms for data entry with alerts and flagging mechanisms to clearly show missing fields.

o Response files error tracking

Premium Components:

o Analytics and Reporting Features.

o Automated COBC Submissions.

o An additional database add-on feature which provides synchronization with your claims system for response documentation.

Professional Services:

Are you aware of the areas in which most of your valuable man-hours are allocated? Do you know where you spend the most money in the lifecycle of your projects? Are you able to accurately forecast project completion dates and milestones? Are you aware of the risk factors involved in your projects? If your immediate response was "no" to any of these questions, then it is time to give Avonz another look.

Our Team of Professional Technicians, Engineers and Business Consultants are well aware of the many challenges that you face every day in the operation and management of a service business because we face many of these same challenges as well. We have attained some very valuable insights as we have faced our own obstacles and temporary setbacks while still managing to create a very profitable enterprise out of Avonz. As our client, you can take advantage of our prior victories. Our turn around time for finding the perfect resolution to unforeseen problems now averages 4-6 weeks. We will create an implementation plan of creative and clever processes to help you run your daily operations while providing valuable reporting and analytics techniques on a MOLAP database format. As most businesses today are well versed in the Microsoft Office program of Excel or the comparable Open Office Software, Avonz can create an easy-to-use solution based on either one of these options, yet customized to fit your individual requirements, saving your time and money from having to purchase and train employees on a new and costly software program.

Project Estimating:

The successful completion of project estimation is completely dependent upon accurately predicting targeted revenues and correctly establishing cost limitations. Avonz can help! We can design an estimating system that is unique to your company's individual operational objectives while allowing for testing of varying methods and protocol. With quality as our main focal point, we will build upon your existing system of estimation and enhance its capabilities to rebuild it to a whole new level of accuracy. By capturing timesheet data and comparing it to the projected task times, we will assist your organization in the development of more standardized task completion dates while still maintaining the support of your in-place business processes such as manager approval, invoicing, and email notifications.

Online Reporting and Analytics:

Are your projects running on time and under budget? Do you know how much additional time you have to complete projected milestones? Let Avonz offer our expertise to allow your business to operate more efficiently and more profitably today!


Avonz can offer a variety of dashboard programs that will enable you to track and predict basic analytics including Client Churn, Customer Retention and Lifecycle Customer Value Analysis.

o Levels of customer satisfactions.

o Rates of client response.

o Web channel patterns of usage.

o Online subscriptions.

o Email reaction criteria.

o Products and services purchased.

o Volume over time of purchases made.

o Applicable discounting data.

o Analysis of Profit/Loss margins.

Additional Metrics might include:

o Promotional responses per segment.

o Incentive offers acceptance rates.

o Response times between customer purchases.

o Customer retention value streams.

o Customer Quantities: Typically, a ratio of number of customers to a given period of time, most often involving tenure or contract durations.

o Customer Longevity: Profiling of customers' length of commitment to the product or service provided, typically based on demographics and psychographics.

o Lifetime Value of Customer Relationships: The current potential financial gains as attributed to a specific customer paradigm.

o Lifetime Value of Prospect: Response rate x (initial margin +CLV of new customer - cost

o Cost of the Average Acquisition: A ratio of the dollars spent on acquisition costs to the quantity of newly acquired clients.

o Average Retention Expenditures: A ratio of cost of retention programs to the quantity of

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